Bird Cage

Bird care vary in sizes, shape and materials used. When selecting a cage, it should be appropriate to the size of your bird. There should be as much room as possible for spreading their wings and even for flying around. The two most common type of material used to make bird cages are stainless and wrought iron. Stainless steel cages are more expensive than wrought iron, but they last 5 to 6 time...


Other Essential Bird Tool and Supplies

Bird Perch A perch helps increase a bird's level of comfort inside a cage and is also a great tool for facilitating interaction between the owner and their pet bird. Perches are best suited for birds that receive or require stimulation. Most bird perches are made of wood, but perches that are made of rope and concrete are also common. Bird perches come in different sizes. Coop Cups These are...


Bird Toys

It is in bird's nature to constantly move around. Bird toys help enrich a bird's caged environment by allowing them to stay mentally and physically active as they would be in the wilds. Without exercise, your bird can end up sickly. Bird toys also allow natural behavior of birds, such as chewing, pecking, foraging, and touching and tasting things. Foraging Toys These toys, which feature...


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