Bird Toys

It is in bird's nature to constantly move around. Bird toys help enrich a bird's caged environment by allowing them to stay mentally and physically active as they would be in the wilds. Without exercise, your bird can end up sickly. Bird toys also allow natural behavior of birds, such as chewing, pecking, foraging, and touching and tasting things.

Foraging Toys

These toys, which feature compartments for hiding treats or foods, are designed to make your bird work for food as they would in the wild. It is designed to stimulate their mind to figure out how to find and get their food. Some foraging toys are resistant to breakage, while some are intended to be ripped apart or torn.

Chew Toys

These toys are ideal for birds who always like to chew things (e.g. cockatoos). Chew toys are typically made out of wood, nuts, or leather.

Foot Toys

Typically, these are small toys that can be easily picked up or manipulated by feet or beak. The most common form of foot toys are sticks, blocks, and small balls.

Preening Toys

Birds, like parrots, tend to pluck their own feathers when bored. A preening toy is designed to calm birds and prevent them from plucking their own feathers. Preening toys are typically made of paper or rope and can be easily pulled or shredded.

Exercise Toys

These toys are designed to help your pet birds stay active, by encouraging them to move around constantly. Activities may include climbing, walking, or flying. Playstands, ladders, and climbing ropes are some of the most popular exercise toys.



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