Most Popular Pet Birds

Lovebirds: Lovebirds are small, intelligent birds of the parrot species. They are small and quiet, making them ideal companions for people who live in townhouses or apartments or who don't want to live with a noisy companion. The average life span of a lovebird is 20 years.

Cockatiels: These Australian natives know how to whistle, talk, and mimic some sounds (e.g. cat meow, ringing of a telephone). Cockatiels are easy to breed. Life expectancy is 15 to 20 years.

Finch/Canary: The average adult size of a finch is 5 inches, but many are even smaller. Because they require little space, they are ideal for small homes. Finches are also less sociable to humans, making them a great choice for bird hobbyists who have little time to interact with their pet. The average life span of a finch is 10 years.

African Grey: The African grey is a medium-sized parrot that is endemic to West and Central Africa. African Greys are considered to be one of the most intelligent of birds. They can mimic human speech and can remember up to 2000 words. However, they are very demanding as pets. They are perfect for bird hobbyists who have enough time to interact with and stimulate their pet on a daily basis.

Budgericar: The budgericar, also known as parakeet, are hardy birds with colorful, attractive plumage. They require minimal maintenance, which makes ideal starting birds for novice hobbyists. Parakeets can whistle and sing. They can be taught a word or two, too! Average life expectancy of a healthy parakeet is 12-14 years.



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