Bird Cage

Bird care vary in sizes, shape and materials used. When selecting a cage, it should be appropriate to the size of your bird. There should be as much room as possible for spreading their wings and even for flying around. The two most common type of material used to make bird cages are stainless and wrought iron. Stainless steel cages are more expensive than wrought iron, but they last 5 to 6 times longer.

Dometop Cages: As the name implies, this type of cage is shaped like a dome. It is very spacious and comes with a design that allows your bird to see above the cage.

Playtop Cage: This cage includes a bird cage area and a play area. The play area, found on top of the bird cage, serves as a play or exercise area for your bird.

Breeding Cage: This type of cage is designed to separate two birds: a thin panel partitions the cage, allowing each bird to have its own living space. During breeding season, the owner can remove the partition to allow the birds to mate.

Parrot Perches: This cage is ideal for large-sized parrots or other bird species. The perches are typically made of wood, rope, or concrete.

Flight Cage: This cage is spacious enough to allow your bird to enjoy full flight. It is best suited for community birds.

Travel Cage: It is small enough to be carried around, but still provides sufficient room for a bird to move around comfortably. It is usually made of less durable material than a normal bird cage.



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