Other Essential Bird Tool and Supplies

Bird Perch

A perch helps increase a bird's level of comfort inside a cage and is also a great tool for facilitating interaction between the owner and their pet bird. Perches are best suited for birds that receive or require stimulation. Most bird perches are made of wood, but perches that are made of rope and concrete are also common. Bird perches come in different sizes.

Coop Cups

These are bowls used to contain bird food, water, grits, treats, and other feeding and drinking essentials. Coop cups should be suited to the size of your bird. For small birds, small, plastic bowls are ideal. For medium and large-sized birds, ceramic or stainless steel bowls are recommended as they are hard to break. Some birds have beaks so powerful they could break a plastic bowl with one bite. Some cages come with built-in bowl holder to keep birds from knocking or picking up and dumping their bowl. Some bowls come with hooks or bolts, allowing you to secure them into a cage.

Feeds and Water Supplies

Each bird has different diet requirement. When searching for water and feed supplies, make sure you know what are appropriate for your bird. If preferred, you can also purchase automatic bird feeder and water systems. Bird feeders provide secure and convenient storage for bird feeds. Automatic water systems, on the other hand, holds and purify drinking water for birds.

Bedding/Cage Lining

There's no need to buy any special cage lining. Newspaper or paper towels will do; they are not only inexpensive, they're easy to replace, too.



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