Finding Birds

Bird Breeder: There are two types of bird breeders: the commercial bird breeder and the hobbyist. Commercial bird breeders are those who breed birds on a mass scale, then sell them wholesale to pet stores or individuals. While most commercial breeders put great care into the health of their livestock, they rarely interact or socialize with birds. As a result, bonding with birds from this kind of breeder isdifficult. Not all commercial breeders are bad breeders, however; the best way to find out is to visit the breeder's place. One way to distinguish the good from the bad is to look at the way birds are handled. If the birds are crowded in a cage or are fed with seed mix only, look somewhere else.

A hobbyist breeder is typically an individual or family who raise, then later, breed birds out of sheer love for them. They sell birds because they have no more space or can no longer care for the new additions. Hobbyist breeders tend to hand-raise their birds, even after they have already been weaned. Because of the personal touch they put into raising birds, they are the best sources for pet birds. Hand-raised birds tend to be healthier and don't shy away from human interaction. Livestock from hobbyist breeders tend to be a little more expensive, but they are well worth the cost. If you are looking for exotic birds for pet, a hobbyist breeder is also the best place to ask.

Pet Store and Bird Mart: If there's no breeder in your area, pet stores and bird marts are another good place to look for birds. A pet store may get their supply from a commercial breeder or a hobbyist, so you may want to ask the source for their livestock. Just like with commercial breeders, pet stores vary in quality of care and attitude towards their livestock. If there are other options though, avoid buying from these places are they tend to be impersonal towards treatment of birds.



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