Can I feed my pet bird with "human foods"?

There’s no problem if you share your food with your pet bird. In fact, "human foods" tend to be more nutritious than commercially prepared pet foods! The best foods to give pet birds are fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables. In fact, fruits and vegetables should make up 25% of your pet’s diet. If they are organically grown, you can give the fruits with their skin on. If not, peel the fruits and wash them thoroughly with water to remove pesticide residues.

Pet birds also love the crunchiness of nuts and dried fruits. The advantage of dehydrated fruits is that you can leave them in the cage for days and are particularly when traveling with your pet.  If your bird is a “seed addict”, it will accept sprouted seeds more readily than fresh fruits and vegetables. Sprouted seeds have lower fat content but contain as much nutritional quality as seeds and grains.  Medicinal herbs will also make excellent addition to your bird’s diet, but use dried herbs rather than fresh herbs. Cooked foods are also good, but skip on salt or other seasoning as they may harm your bird. Use a non-stick cookware to avoid contaminating the food. 

Not all people food, however, are not safe for birds. Milk and grain products (cereal, bread) are two of them. Most birds are lactose-intolerant so you should never give them milk or milk products (cheese, yoghurt).  Other people food items that are toxic to birds are chocolates, apple seeds, onions, alcohol, mushrooms, tomato leaves, salt , and dried beans. 



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